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NanJing JiZheng Electronics co., LTD

Factory address: NO.8Gubai Road,Hengxi town,Jiangning District,Nanjing City
Sales address: Room614,Building 1,Tianyuxian District B,No.688,longmian Road,Jiangning
Tel: 025-84541727, 84517134
Fax: 025-84541581
Phone: 13813998687
Contact person: Mr Dai
Email address: [email protected]
Website: ʮһѡͼ www.usthfs.com.cn
Zip code: 210002


Company Profile

Nanjing Jizheng Electronics Co., LTD. Is a collection development, design, production, sales and service as one of the large-scale joint-stock enterprises.Triode main varieties are: Schottky rectifier diode,Fast recovery diode, Mosfet, Thyristor, Transistor, Darlington transistor, 3-Terminal volatge regulator and so on. the appearance has the:TO-3P,TO-247,TO-220,TO-220F,TO-262,TO-263,TO-251, ...
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